Began upgrading the line between Rokycanamy and Pilsen
November 28, 2013

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Tomáš Johánek

Railway Infrastructure Administration ( RIA ) has launched a major modernization of the line between Rokycany and Pilsen. It is part of the backbone of the trans- national and third rail transit corridor that leads from Prague to Pilsen and Cheb up to the border with Germany. After the upgrade the entire route between the capital and Pilsen by train journey should take less than one hour.

Preliminary design and project construction company prepared SUDOP Prague . The realization then performed for 3.9 billion CZK Association MTS + SBT - MTU Rokycany - Plzeň , where the head of a party is Metrostav , as a member of Subterra , as " Modernization should reduce the running time of trains and increase the safety of railway operations. At the same time , increase passenger comfort and achieve maximum line speeds up to 60 km / h In the outlook, then in about four kilometer stretch considering speeds of up to 200 km / h , "said the future face of the track CEO RIA Jiri Kolar.

Build a new track tunnel Ejpovice

Construction solves the modernization of tracks led from Rokycan to stop Ejpovice mainly along the existing track bed . Among Ejpovice a stop Plzeň - Doubravka is solved by relaying the track completely outside the existing route , the track will pass Chrást station in Pilsen . Relaying is conducted in accordance with the prospective position of high-speed rail ( HSR ) for new land and the terrain formations Homolka and Chlum head into the tunnel Ejpovice . It is a single-track tunnel with two tubes . From the station Plzeň Pilsen - Doubravka to the main station then uses the existing route of the railway . Connecting corridor towards the station Chrást near Pilsen will be kept as monorail , branching will be carried out on newly built station Ejpovice . The proposed horizontal and vertical alignment of the route has been achieved in the Rokycany - Ejpovice track speed of 120 km / h and the relocation of Ejpovice 160 km / h " The primary objective is to achieve a running time between Prague and Pilsen under one hour , " said Jiri Kolar. In the very section Rokycany - Plzeň is expected compared to the current state of time savings for the fast train connections and express approximately nine minutes .

Operations will manage the central dispatcher of Prague
" The key issue is the construction of a tunnel Ejpovice with two single-track tubes connected to each other by corridors . Length of the two single-track tunnels from the east entrance portal to the west exit portal is about 4,150 meters , "explained the most interesting elements of the whole modernization director Jiri Kolar. The length of the existing line is that it will reduce by more than six miles. The construction will also build new or reconstruct existing bridges and culverts, exposing noise barriers and modernize the signaling equipment. It is expected that traffic will be controlled by a dispatcher station Rokycany, in the future, then from the central office in Prague. Funding for this project provided from national sources, State Transport Infrastructure Fund , a crucial part should be based on a request for co-financing by the European Union under the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport. Expected contribution of the European Union can achieve up to 77.06 percent of eligible costs.

Course construction ROKYCANY - PLZEŇ

December 10, 2013


( ČTK )

Overburden soil and building access roads to the planned tunnel portal at Kyšice began a three-year delay in the construction of the railway from Rokycan in Pilsen. This is one of the last parts of the III . railway corridor Praha - Plzeň - Cheb . Comes to 3.9 billion and be completed in late 2016.

Building a new double track tunnel with čtyřkilometrovým delayed archaeological survey at Kyšice until the end of this year , said Deputy modernization of Railway Infrastructure Administration ( RIA ) Mojmír Nejezchleb .

The excavation of the first of two tunnels will begin in mid- 2014. It will be the longest railway tunnel in the country, ie two single-track tunnels and hills Homolka Chlum Pilsen for a length of 4.15 km . Construction of the tunnel runs half of the total cost . "Building each tunnel tube will take about a year , " he said.

Stage Rokycany - Plzeň will have the greatest time benefit of all sections of the corridor , as shorten the route from 20 to 14 km , ie from 20 to 11 min . Division Rokycany - Ejpovice will present tracks, often Ejpovice - Plzeň in the new . During the construction of the track will be closed entirely , but trains will run every one of the two tracks. Price is after Nejezchleba by almost half compared to the original plans . "We have succeeded thanks to the painstaking effort of contractors win. Saving entails the excavation method selected longwall shield, "said the deputy. " At peak construction we'll have about 500 people. Work for us yet ended , as we uncovered space for archeology , " said the director of the construction of Metro Přemysl Krejsa . The company builds more klabavskou relaying networks 3 km from Kyšice .

The III . Transit Corridor from Prague to Cheb since 2011 finished the western branch between Pilsen and Cheb . Last year ended with the construction of Beroun - Zbiroh , Zbiroh year - Rokycany . Preparations optimization of Smíchov - Beroun , which will be divided into three sections .

Both extreme , Praha - Černošice a King's Court - Beroun , will be finished in 2018 , in middle 2020, 2022. The most difficult construction will be according to Deputy passage Cernosice Revnice, where he starts acting zoning decisions and land acquisitions . Passage of Plzen towards Domažlice for 950 million will be completed later this year. RIA longer selects contractor for the reconstruction of Pilsen tracks in the direction of the city , also a billion crowns. *

Here I'll ride trains in the tunnel

January 4, 2014

Mladá fronta Dnes


Corridor under Chlumem

The fields under the Pilsen hill Chlum it's good to see where you take the train to the longest railway tunnel in the country. In the belt between wooden pegs excavators rip topsoil and just passing in less than three years will run trains for a new and much faster route between Pilsen and Rokycany . Where to photograph the forest ends light strip will be a tunnel portal and the site will begin 4,150 m long tunnel . Builders of Metro counting on that special driving shield being produced in Germany begins in the autumn of this year to pave the way underground from Kyšice under Chlumem should appear after less than a year . Then begins the construction of the second tunnel tube . New tunnel for four billion shorten the path between Pilsen and Rokycany six miles and nearly ten minutes.

Fast trains rips through places where archaeologists now have

February 12, 2014

Mladá fronta Dnes

Petr Ježek

You have slumped this year skiing only a few times , as this winter, with temperatures generally above freezing seem somewhat unhappy ? It sort of weather but fully complies with archaeologists and builders preparing the rail corridor and tunnel between Kyšice a part of Pilsen Doubravka .

Kyšice There were only a few days , when archaeologists could not work because of frost . However, in January February it is usual that the construction work due to frost and snow stops at similar events in the country, such as Pilsen , even for a few weeks.

" The contractor, thus Metrostav and Subterra , work continues normally. When freezing , archaeologists had time to stop work to damage the artifacts country. But now they weather again wishes . Currently exploring space from future railway tunnel portal at Kyšice , " says Dahlia Balínová Administration of Railway Transport routes , investor rail corridor .

Archaeologists first looking for traces of ancient settlements in places the road ahead for rescuers to lead from the edge Kyšice along the railway line up to the entrance of the tunnel . The way he left it. Now, men and women with shovels and other paraphernalia move in the future locations of the track , where in less than three years to trains whiz speeds between 120-160 km per hour.
Catherine Postránecká of the Archaeological Society Zip said that fragments of pottery and other remains of former settlements found not only in the exploration of future rescue routes , but now also on the route of the track .
"Because of freezing we could work together for about ten days . It is extremely warm February, we continue in the works . The findings are the same , classic prehistoric settlement , the area it is still interesting for us , " says archaeologist Catherine Postránecká . In the deepest part of the track to be track up to 18 meters below the current surface. Now there might archaeologists found the remains of proving settlement from even earlier times than found in previous research in this area .

So far, archaeologists found fragments of pottery , building foundations and hot graves indicative of settlement in this region in the fifth to fourth millennium BC. Next is a group of younger findings from the period 1200 to 1000 years BC .
The findings of archaeologists end up in a museum , some of them may be by mutual agreement with the builders archaeologists exposed in the information center of the building . When research by archaeologists Kyšice ends, no one can

say .

A large shield to pierce two tubes railway tunnel next to each other - everyone will be 4,150 meters long - already assembled engineers in Germany. The first meters of the future tunnel should begin tunneling shield ukusovat downhill at Kyšice this fall, next year should emerge in the current field Chlum between the hill and park at Trout Street between Pilsen and parts Újezd ​​Doubravka .
Although the field below Chlumem are already marked out land required for the construction, farmers last fall neoseli , archaeologists still do not know when they will be exploring this area .

The tunnel under Chlumem is not the only big building of the rail corridor between Pilsen and Rokycany . Builders already govern the track at Klabavy , there are tracks move about 30 meters to the future in this way could the trains at higher speeds than ever before.

"Research on moving the track in Klabava we finished 15th December last year. There were findings from the Middle Ages , mining settlement. Our research in this area was done, there it continues building , "said archaeologist Catherine Postránecká . It was findings in Klabavy have great importance for researchers because they found evidence confirming the processing of iron ore in this area.
After a new route from Ejpovice tunnel under Chlumem to Pilsen should first train to run in the fall of 2016. The road from Pilsen to Rokycan be cut by about nine minutes . Division of Ejpovice in Pilsen will cost about four billion.
What archaeologists have found yet

Fragments of flint

· * Needles * for switching clothing remnants table ware * hot * graves stones in weight * loom * Coins * remnants of buildings and waste pits

· * In addition Klabavy uncovered the remains of a mining settlement from the 13th century . According to archaeologists, this is the first evidence of these old mining iron ore in this area.

· » It is extremely warm February, we continue in the works . The findings are the same , classic prehistoric settlements , the area around Kyšice is still interesting for us . Catherine Postránecká , archaeologist


We find treasures , archaeologists say u Kyšice

November 29, 2013

Mladá fronta Dnes

Petr Jezek


After knees in the dirt Neither the current cold did not deter archaeologist Catherine Postránecká with colleagues from examining sites at Kyšice . Photo: Ladislav Nemec,

Kyšice findings of prehistoric settlement exceptions halt preparatory work for the construction of the rail corridor between Pilsen and Ejpovice at Kyšice . Builders hope that archaeologists work completed by the end of this year , in extreme cases, in January or February 2014. Next year in September or October should begin minting tunnel , which will be completed in 2016, with its 4150 meters the longest railway tunnel in the country.

There are fields around Kyšice demolished 30-50 m wide strip topsoil in the future route of the railway line , where archaeologists are looking for the remains of human activity dates back several thousand years. " We found the location of prehistory and hot graves from the Bronze Age or Neolithic , " says archaeologist from society Zip Catherine Postránecká . This means that there is evidence of settlement in this area in the period fifth to fourth millennium BC. The second group comprises the period from 1200 to 1000 BC . "From the point of view of historians is that the region very valuable and important site . Research has not yet been exposed to the entire surface. In addition to the graves we found the remains of table ware, loom weights , stones and other objects of daily use , "says Postránecká . The three dozen archaeologists in yesterday's cold and icy gusts of wind removing the outlined squares in various fields of foot and scrapers more and more layers of soil. Like the ancestors between work rozdělaného warmed by a small fire . "Compared with other locations in western Bohemia is this great rarity , West locations usually not so extensive. So far, we have hidden strip of earth in a length of about 1.5 km and a width of between 30-50 meters . On the basis of the probe , we expect that we place in the future tunnel portal can also find prehistoric organic materials, " said archaeologist Milan Kucharik of the company Labrys . His colleague Catherine Postránecká is convinced that if the overburden soil continued on into the fields, and there would have found evidence of human activity in this area thousands of years ago .

From the current road connecting dýšina with Kyšice the portal of the tunnel about 800 meters towards London. In the deepest part of the lead track about 18 meters below the current ground.

Stamping shield tunneling engineers have produced in Germany, the tunnel boring would u Kyšice should begin in September or October of next year. Preparatory construction work is now due to archaeological research almost stopped. " Archaeologists are trying , but this vast area there are plenty of findings. Work carried out because the agreement in areas where the most time is pressing us , " said Přemysl Krejsa , director of construction company Metrostav . Archaeologists are exploring sites mainly in the route of the future highway for rescue, which goes along the future route. This should be done first.

After a new route from Ejpovice tunnel under Chlumem to Pilsen should first train to run in the fall of 2016. The road from Pilsen to Rokycan be cut by about nine minutes , stretch out Ejpovice to Pilsen cabin will cost four billion crowns.

From the perspective of historians in the region very valuable and important site . Research has not yet been exposed to the entire surface. In addition to the graves we found the remains of table ware, loom weights , stones and other objects of daily use. Catherine Postránecká archaeologist


Despite the ancient graves in a few years you take the train

November 29, 2013


Ivan Blazek


A thousand years ago there lived and died prehistoric people , for three years after their graves will pass through expression between Prague and Pilsen.

And now here Kutai archaeologists . Fields with Kyšice the Pilsen area turned into probably the biggest archaeological site of the current Czech .

Over thirty experts from companies and ZIP Labrys explores 1.5 miles long and fifty meters wide strip , after which the lead track rail corridor for future tunnel under Chlumem - that will measure four kilometers and significantly shortens the path from Pilsen to Rokycan . " It is a well -preserved site of enormous importance with a very valuable findings , " said Catherine ZIP Postránecká from the company .

U Kyšice was located settlements from the Neolithic and Bronze Age. "The oldest finds date back to the period of five thousand years BC , " said Milan Kucharik of the organization Labrys . According Postránecká has managed to uncover more than ten cremation graves hiding the container with the ashes of the dead. " And this is not a definitive number ," said Postránecká . " They found a number of items of daily use , from grindstones and loom weights to the kitchen table ceramics, " she added. Kicks with - although in a much smaller scale - also near


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