Metro Přemysl Krejsa. The company builds more klabavskou relaying networks , three kilometers from Kyšice .

" Very big " price

" We look forward to build on the experience of the TBM tunneling on the route 5A Metro. It 's the same technology from the German manufacturer Herrenknecht . But while the meter is the profile of six meters , so here almost ten. Is there a difference in the size of the cutting head , " said CEO MetrostavuPavelPilát . The excavation will begin in the spring. We expect to be ready for the start of the excavation site , which delay the work of archaeologists , "said Pilate . According to him, the agreed price of the project" very expencive. " Of the 75 percent of her pay by Nejezchleba European Transport Operational Programmes I and II .

The III. Transit Corridor from Prague to Cheb since 2011 finished the western branch between Pilsen and Cheb . Last year ended with the construction of Beroun - Zbiroh , this Zbiroh - Rokycany .

Preparations optimization of Smíchov - Beroun , which will be divided into three sections . Both extreme , Praha - Černošice a King's Court - Beroun , will be finished in 2018, in middle 2020, 2022. The most difficult construction will be according to Deputy passage Cernosice Revnice, where he starts acting zoning decisions and land acquisitions .

Passage of Plzen towards Domažlice for 950 million will be completed later this year. RIA longer selects contractor for the reconstruction of Pilsen tracks in the direction of the city, also a billion crowns.


Construction of the track with the longest tunnel officially began , in fact, but in the spring

November 15, 2013



Plzeň - The germ of future high-speed Prague and Bavaria began to give birth at Pilsen - but so far only formally . Railway Infrastructure Administration launched the construction of railway realignment of Pilsen to Rokycan that will lead directly compared to the existing runway and a part of the four kilometer tunnel . In fact, construction will begin in the spring , while still continuing archaeological exploration. It also repeal the section of railway from Pilsen to brushwood existing main line of Rokycan Chrast to changes in the local train . After the new line should be trains from 2016.

Between Pilsen and Rokycany the workers preparing the site since August, now officially launched construction of RIA. On the track but still work starts , stretched, namely archaeological survey . "It seems that the findings are larger than expected . According to today's information would allow us the space for mounting the machine to release early next year," said Mojmír Nejezchleb of RIA .

Discussed within the context of other archaeological survey of the construction delay would , however, was due to its history exaggerated. According to ancient plans at this time did not begin construction , but already ending , RIA but had problems with the purchase of the land , then with supplier selection .

The new track will be compared to today's detour through Chrást about six kilometers shorter total 14 km , the new route will Ejpovice between Pilsen and Kyšice . The tunnel that leads under Homolkou and Chlumem will have a 4.15 kilometer and again extended Czech record ( today is the longest tunnel Březenský 2007 1.8 kilometer long ) . Each college will have its own tube , the first excavation will begin in the spring. "Building each tunnel tube will take about a year , " said Mojmír Nejezchleb .

The new track will be built , although the speed 160 km / h , but it will be easily possible to increase it to 200 km / h Even at lower speeds , the travel time from Pilsen to Rokycan compared to the current state reduced by eight to ten minutes , which is about half. The construction will be in charge of Metrostav, which uses similar technology as the excavation of the new line of the Prague metro Dejvice to Motol. " But while the metro is the profile of six meters , so here almost ten. Is there a difference in the size of the cutting head , " said CEO Metrostavu Pavel Pilát .

When building relocation and modernization of the current section from Rokycan to Ejpovice gets new look also Ejpovice stop. While usually in the modernization of the railway station corridors shrink, tear around, sometimes boarding up or pulling down old buildings in Ejpovice it should be vice versa. RIA of stations with one station creates extra tracks , which will be the main Pilsen line separating new local - that will lead to Chrást a route, the way is now rushing distance express trains and heavy freight trains .

For the modernization of the Plzeň - Rokycany , including relocation and new longest tunnel in the Czech RIA pay 3.9 billion crowns. Contrary to the original expectations of the Railway is only half. "We have succeeded thanks to the painstaking effort of contractors win. Saving entails the chosen method of excavation longwall shield, " said Deputy Nejezchleb .

Upgraded parts lying on the III. transit railway corridor that runs from the border with Germany in Cheb through Pilsen, Prague, Olomouc, Ostrava and Bohumín to Mosty u Jablunkova on the border with Slovakia. Most of the sections in the last two decades has been modernized , except the Pilsen- Rokycanská part of the reconstruction of waiting particular route from Prague to Beroun, is also in the old section between Brandys nad Orlicí and Ústí nad Orlicí, which is parallel to the first corridor . Now we are working on passing Pilsen railway junction , which also includes the reconstruction of the main station for 950 million crowns.




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